The Dry Shave Show #53: Yo! Bum Rush the Vote!

So, we do a fun little politics/comedy podcast called the Dry Shave Show and it’s damn well about time we started telling you, our loyal readers, to check it out.

The hosts are comedian Byron Bertram and our own Ivan Penaluna. The high pitched hyena laugh you hear in the background belongs to our news girl, Pyra Draculea, who also contributes here from time to time (basically anytime you see a story about some has-been rock dude, that’s her handiwork).

The latest episode is Yo! Bum Rush the Vote!:

The Dry Shave Show Episode #53

Synopsis: Byron’s ear worries continue while Ivan brings us up to speed on the Panama Papers leaks and links to George Soros. The guys also discuss Ted Cruz’s connections to Goldman Sachs and Bernie Sanders’ corporate campaign donors.

Also: news stories about a lonely Thai actress, Justin Trudeau’s stupid socks and feminist memes, police warnings to ‘think before you post’ online, Hillary Clinton’s faux pas wherein she referred to ‘unborn persons’, and we wrap things up with Stephen Hawking’s favourite pick up lines.

Listen here:

You can also subscribe on iTunes.


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