The Dry Shave Show #58: Gone with the Wimp

It’s that time of the week again: time for a new episode of The Dry Shave Show with Byron Bertram and Ivan Penaluna (pus Pyra Draculea with news… and bloody well about time she remembered to post a link here again!).

This week: Gone with the Wimp


Ivan and Byron wish Rob Ford was alive and Prime Minister while Justin Trudeau rejects Putin’s advances/offers of help to put out the Fort McMurray fires and Sophie Trudeau needs more taxpayer-funded help to sit on her ass and do nothing. The gang also discuss a proposed sex park in Brazil, Venezuela telling its breweries to make beer or else, the Saudis instituting gym class for girls’ schools, and an Israeli man tries to get a restraining order against God. Also, Byron rants about sports stuff and Hindu prayers for Donald Trump, courtesy of Narj Singh… er, Swami Ananda.

Listen here:

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