The Dry Shave Show #80: Hallowe’en with Leroy Leroux

Time for another episode of everyone’s favourite political comedy podcast, The Dry Shave Show!

Hosted by Byron Bertram, our very own Ivan Penaluna, and news girl Pyra Draculea.

This week: Hallowe’en with Leroy Leroux


Leroy Leroux is back for a very special Hallowe’en episode of The Dry Shave Show! Ivan and Leroy discuss what treats Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Obama are handing out this year as well as skanky costumes, Trump’s plan to make the Milky Way great again, aliens with low self-esteem, Houdini’s death, stupid philosopher deaths, and whether or not Byron’s joining ISIS as we speak.

Ivan also explains Guy Fawkes Night to Leroy before the gang get into news stories about tampons in the men’s rooms at Brown University, SJWs shut down a Hallowe’en event at Knotts Berry Farm, and a New York pharmacy charging a man tax for “equality.”

Listen here:

You can also subscribe on iTunes.


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