The Dry Shave Show #81: Vote Hillary, Hail Satan

Time for another episode of everyone’s favourite political comedy podcast, The Dry Shave Show!

Hosted by Byron Bertram, our very own Ivan Penaluna, and news girl Pyra Draculea.

This week: Vote Hillary, Hail Satan


Byron’s still away and Leroy went home to get his vote on, so Pyra pipes up and joins Ivan for a discussion of the latest American reality TV gossip, wherein Clinton’s campaign manager gets into some soul food, er, spirit cooking. They also chat about Hillary’s ties to Jeff Epstein’s Lolita Express, Anthony Weiner’s “Life Insurance,” the DNC hiring mentally ill people to instigate violence at Trump rallies, plus news stories about Santa Putin’s gift to Steven Seagal, a secret Santa’s gift to an Ohio DNC office, and last ditch efforts to overrule the Brexit vote in the UK.

Quick teaser of the episode:

Listen to the whole show here:

You can also subscribe on iTunes.


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