The Dry Shave Show #88: Happy Christmas, War Is Over!

Time for another episode of everyone’s favourite political comedy podcast, The Dry Shave Show! (And we posted it early because, well, it wouldn’t make sense to post a Christmas episode on December 28.)

Hosted by Byron Bertram, our very own Ivan Penaluna, and news girl Pyra Draculea.

This week: Happy Christmas, War Is Over!


On this very merry Christmas episode, Ivan and Byron discuss their Christmas plans and wishes and go another round on why Paul McCartney was so much better than John Lennon. They also talk about Ivan’s Trump inauguration preditions and British Muslims being offended by Remembrance Day before Ivan ditches early to go get his kids (or someone’s kids, hopefully not for anything pizza-related) and Byron leaves early for a merry happy ending massage, leaving Pyra to wrap the show up on her own until Leroy Leroux swoops in to try to finally hunt Byron down.

Plus: Peter Murphy is our Snowflake of the Week for getting a bouncer fired for eating a burger, JonBenet Ramsey, and news about selling Parisian love locks to fund refugees and good news for shallow vain people in 10 years.

Quick teaser of the episode:

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The Dry Shave Show #87: From Russia, With Lies

Time for another episode of everyone’s favourite political comedy podcast, The Dry Shave Show!

Hosted by Byron Bertram, our very own Ivan Penaluna, and news girl Pyra Draculea.

This week: From Russia, With Lies


Byron’s back, and somehow managed to not get radicalized in his travels in the UK and Germany! The guys discuss British reactions to Trump, the media’s scapegoating of the Russians, the electoral college, and Trump’s cabinet picks before digging in to news stories about Hollywood and fashion PR firms cancelling their Christmas parties after Hillary’s electoral loss, Kanye West taking the Red Pill, and great-grandfather Mick Jagger becoming a dad again.

Plus: Yaletown comedy fans, Byron’s attempts to convert people to “Chineseism,” the CBC’s budget, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” and Dutch meat taxes. This week’s Snowflake of the Week: SJWs vs. Muslim Student Unions over “problematic” Hijabi for a Day events.

Quick teaser of the episode:

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Obama: CIA & Salon Are The Real News.


No one likes it when someone who won’t take the hint. As the collective murmurs enquiring as to why Barry isn’t busy packing his bag rise beyond a background hum, instead of preparing for handing over to a new commander in chief, Barry is frantically busy trying to start an 11th hour war with Russia and attempting to treat Trump’s election victory to a back street postpartum abortion.

I don’t think anyone can remember an incumbent president going to the lengths that Barry has to undermine the newly elected president. It’s truly appalling. Barry, pack your bags and fuck off. You’re like a child who won’t let go cos he insists it’s still his turn.

In the brave new world being forged for us, a new ideological reality is being created out of the dismembered parts of former great civilizations & cultures. And in this new reality, nothing is more dangerous than getting your information from non state-sanctioned sources.

The recent rejection of the tightening narrative during the Brexit referendum and U.S. election has shown that when people get their information from sources other than the state apparatus, results don’t turn out the way the elite wanted them to, and that then becomes a problem that needs addressing. And that’s where we are right now.


The fake vs real news debacle took a new and ludicrously contemptible twist this week when Facebook announced that it would be offering users the opportunity to flag what they considered ‘fake’ news.

That’s o.k. I hear you say, anytime I see a sponsored story from the already widely discredited Washington Post or New York Times, I will just flag it as fake news.

Sorry, you won’t be able to do that, because non of the state-sponsored fake news providers will be on the list. See how that works? Yes, only news services that oppose the state-sponsored narrative will be on the list.

But who will decide when something is guilty of being fake news? That’s a great question. The task has been given to state teet-sucking ABC & leftist Snopes, whose tagline ‘…rumour has it’, tells you everything about their journalistic credentials.

They have been awarded the contract for filtering out narrative challenging views in much the same way Halliburton were selected for filling tanks with gas during the Gulf War. Read More & More

We are now hurtling in on a point in time, probably in early January, when Barrack Obama addresses the nation to inform the public that all news is fake unless if has the CIA sticker on it.

In the meantime German Justice Minister, Heiko Maas has called for those who publish fake news to face fines & jail time.

With Facebook having announced last week the launch of measure to flag and eliminate fake news from appearing on its website, Germany does not think the process is fast enough, and according to Germany’s Justice Minister Heiko Maas, German judges and state prosecutors need to crack down straight away on fake news disseminated through social media platforms such as Facebook. Read More

How did we get here? I hear you say. How did we get from hope & yes we can, to no you can’t & don’t you dare?

Well, this is what happens when you are not engaged and paying attention. I know, you just want to be a good person; liked on social media; be one of the good people all swimming the same direction in the name of decency. Then bit by bit, as things accelerate, in order not to be one of the bad people, you are funnelled into thinking and accepting an ever narrowing set of ideological parameters; having to ignore awkward realities like the execution of people for being gay within cultures you can’t criticize; the invasion of Libya: for the best they said; he was a bad man. And then you are told that not wanting to surrender sovereignty to be part of unaccountable trading block makes you a racist, and hey, guess what? I know you liked Bernie, but he’s gone and we stiffed him, but if you support the bad man who said nasty things about a pussy and not the criminal embodiment of everything you were fighting against, you’re a terrible person and everyone will hate you because we will tell them to.

But people turned out to be more resilient, and they aren’t buying coercive narrative of transparent lies. Those that live closest to the effects of these policies are no longer interested in the shopping list of endless regime change and forced immigration it provides, and so they need to close down the sources of information that are feeding this growing independence of mind. That is where we are right now; everything is being brought to a head because they realize that the game is afoot.

The Dry Shave Show #86: Ping Pong Pizza Party

Time for another episode of everyone’s favourite political comedy podcast, The Dry Shave Show!

Hosted by Byron Bertram, our very own Ivan Penaluna, and news girl Pyra Draculea.

This week: Ping Pong Pizza Party


Pedos and ping-pong and pizza, oh my! Ivan and Pyra chat about the sinister side of Washington, DC pizza joints (as revealed by DNC emails via Wikileaks) before getting into news stories about the worst fake ID ever, tips on how to hide black eyes on Moroccan TV, and a genderqueer deer.

Plus, Ivan has a genius idea on what to do with SJWs, Trudeau wonders what to wear to meet Trump, and the perfect gift for the dirty hippie in your life. And in this week in history: ‘Merica don’t need no stinkin’ tea, and Dave the 8th renounces his crown for the love of his life, Adolf Hitler.

Bonus end rant: Pyra rambles on about the CIA’s funding of avant garde art.

Quick teaser of the episode:

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Miss World muzzles Miss Canada’s human rights concerns


Ah, beauty queens… empty-headed bimbos who pretend to have important opinions on the world ‘n’ stuff, but struggle to articulate sentiments like “I, um, think we should all get along and have world peace… plus I wanna be some foreign billionaire’s trophy ex-wife some day, so gimme the crown, OK?”


I mean, they’re all just one bender away from turning into the skanky second coming of Ke$ha, right?


Or, y’know, other realms within the entertainment industry, same difference, whatever…


So, yeah, beauty queens never have anything to say, right?



Well, usually.

But every so often, one of them actually does have something worthwhile to say. You’d think the pageant world would rejoice at that. You’d think that, but you’d be wrong… at least if the beauty queen in question is Miss World Canada’s Anastasia Lin (below), whose platform is all about human rights in general and the Chinese lack thereof in particular.


For some reason the powers that be at Miss World have a hair up their butts about Lin’s insistence on complaining about things like Chinese harvesting of organs from not-particularly-consenting political prisoners, and they’re doing everything in their power to keep her from making annoying comments on that sort of thing by keeping her away from media during the Miss World finals this year.

Which, by the way, happen to be in Washington, DC, and in theory might be assumed to be covered by that whole pesky free speech bullshit.

According to the New York Times:

The Miss World Organization has been aggressive in its effort to prevent reporters from speaking to Ms. Lin. Two weeks ago, pageant officials interrupted an interview she was giving to Jeff Jacoby, a Boston Globe columnist, in the lobby of a Washington-area hotel. “Two of them hustled Lin from the lobby, angrily accusing her of breaching the rules and causing trouble,” he wrote. “The third blocked me from talking to Lin, and assured me that my interview would be scheduled the next day. It wasn’t, of course.”

Read more here.

More information on allegations and oddities related to China’s organ transplant trade.

Europe: A Progressive Dictatorship

Dutch anti-Islam politician, Geert Wilders was found guilty of inciting racial discrimination on Friday for asking supporters if they wanted ‘fewer or more Moroccans’ in Holland, in what was the climax to a highly publicized case in Schiphol.

In court, the judge called his behaviour “unworthy” of a politician, and said there was no question that the case was political, as Wilders claimed.

The case, which has taken 20 months to reach a verdict, comes three months before Dutch general elections and Wilders’ PVV is currently leading in some polls.

Read More

Wilders quickly released a video message, in English and Dutch, slamming the judgment and vowing to appeal. “Today, I was convicted in a political trial which, shortly before the elections, attempts to neutralize the leader of the largest and most popular opposition party,” Wilders said. “They will not succeed.”  Full Article

Wilders’ popularity has surged since the verdict, and if Brexit and Trump’s November victory are anything to go by, the next scalp could be the Netherlands’ progressive elite.  Read More