Liberals That Speak Truth

Not all Liberal Hippies are left leaning Cultural Marxist psychopaths.

An0maly is what you might call a TRUE Liberal. He believes in speaking real truth to power which means calling out the Mainstream Media and Fake Liberals for the lying, corrupt, deep state puppets that they are.

Though he may look and sound like a stoned surfer jesus, his arguments are well considered, informed and even handed.

This logical and coherent young man will undoubtedly be overlooked by most so-called liberals because he doesn’t hold the same anti-Trump views that most  left leaning Americans do.

For that reason he should to be heard.  Not by those of us who already understand, no. He needs to be heard by people who think they are Liberals but who are in actuality, the fascist totalitarians they claim to oppose.

Check out his website here: www.

and pass it on.


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