The Dry Shave Show 117: ISIS Loses CIA Spending Money

Byron & Ivan discuss the Trump administration turning off the CIA cash tap for ISIS, left running by the Obama administration. Also, Trudeau’s $10.5 million gift to Omar Khadr; glitter bombs for pussies; Roger Stone, Stanley Kubrick & the moon landings.


The Dry Shave Show #112: Comey Island Crybaby

Time for another episode of everyone’s favourite political comedy podcast, The Dry Shave Show! Hosted by Byron Bertram, our very own Ivan Penaluna, and news girl Pyra Draculea.

This week: Comey Island Crybaby

Ivan and Byron riffs on James Comey’s testimony before Congress while CNN and other media scum fictionalize what he says and leftists hold out hope for impeachment.

They then discuss news stories about a pro-pipeline German metal festival (pro-beer pipeline, that is) and an Ontario man who offended someone by lining his street with Canadian flags before getting into Gastown real estate amenities and hideous Vancouver houses and how 420 would be so much better if they replaced weed and Bob Marley with coke and Motley Crue.

Plus: Trump admires Stalin’s “tremendous ice wall” and George V changes the family to pretend they weren’t German while Stoner Hitler and Stoner Stalin carve up Poland before Stoner Hitler gets all backstabby.

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Jordan Peterson on Communism & the Death of History

It has been apparent for some time now, that if millenials were as in tune with history as they are with their feelings, we wouldn’t have half the problems we currently do.

It’s gravely concerning that young people in western societies are so ignorant of the mistakes made by mankind during the 20th century (which wasn’t all that long ago), that they seem primed to repeat them.

If we didn’t know better, it looks like our education system is attempting to eradicate history and replace it with feelings.

University of Toronto Profesor of Psychology, Jordan Peterson lays out the problems associated with ideologically utopian systems and an ignorance of recent history.

Lies & Spin in Quebec


In the 18 hours since the attack on the mosque in Quebec in which six people died, the details released have painted two pictures. Original reports from eye witnesses describe two men in balaclavas involved in the shooting; today that has officially changed to only one man – Alexandre Bissonnette. The other suspect, Mohamed Khadir has been identified as a witness.

Witnesses are notoriously unreliable in such incidents, but two men in Balaclavas instead of just one is fairly substantial, considering those witnesses managed to identify an accent as ‘good Quebecois’ and report that the gunmen shouted “Allahu Akbar.”

Last night, shortly after the shooting, a witness who asked to remain anonymous told Radio-Canada that two masked individuals entered the mosque.

“It seemed to me that they had a Québécois accent. They started to fire, and as they shot, they yelled, ‘Allahu akbar!’ The bullets hit people that were praying. People who were praying lost their lives. A bullet passed right over my head.

“There were even kids. There was even a three-year-old who was with his father,” the witness said. Read More

Those early reports have now all but disappeared, to be replaced by the news today that only person is being charged; the other, a witness – supporting the claim that this was potentially Canada’s first Islamophobic terror attack.

‘Two men, both in their 20s, have been arrested. However, just after noon Monday, Sûreté du Québec police tweeted that only one man is considered a suspect; the other is now being treated as a witness. While police are not naming the men or speculating on possible motives, other media outlets have identified them as Laval University students Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed El Khadir. La Presse is reporting that Bissonnette is the suspect and is expected to appear in court this afternoon.’ More from Vice

Already, this does not add up. Are we being told the truth, or is this incident is being manipulated to support a crackdown on dissent over Trudeau’s ambitious and zealous globalist agenda to turn Canada into something resembling that progressive dystopian nightmare, Sweden?

Hours after the attack, by then knowing the identities of the attackers, and therefore a fairly good idea of their motives, Trudeau described it as a “terror attack against Muslims”. The implication being that it was carried out by others – Islamophobes. Despite eye witnesses also claiming the attackers shouted “Allahu Akbar.” Read More

Jihad Watch: Quebec mosque mass murderers Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir

In light of the witness statement that they screamed “Allahu akbar,” it is likely that Bissonnette is a convert to Islam, and that this was a case of Muslims firing upon other Muslims whom they deemed heretical: a Sunni-Shia dispute, or adherents of the Islamic State versus opponents of it, or Sunnis firing upon Ahmadiyya — depending on what kind of mosque it is. But there is no basis at this point for the widespread assumption that this was an “Islamophobic” attack.  Read More

All of which was unfolding on the backdrop of Trump’s immigration crackdown, and Trudeau’s moment as the caped saviour of decency.


However, unlike Trudeau, Trump has identified the threat correctly, albeit way ahead of the curve in terms of the imminent threat it posses to the U.S. The threat to Canada is much more serious given the blinkered & voracious appetite the Trudeau government has for importing Islam large scale, as Europe can woefully attest. There, a total blanket ban of Islamic immigration is the only thing that can save the continent from being turned into Bosnia on steroids for their grandchildren.

The Only Picture Canadians Should Need To See To Keep Them Awake


The stakes are high at this stage. Globalist puppet master, George Soros is increasingly out of favour in both Europe and the U.S. The one place he can find a willing errand boy ready to sacrifice his country for an ideological experiment, is in Canada under Trudeau.

Soros must see Canada as crucial to the survival of his global mission at this stage. And a political crackdown on the right within the country would make Canada an ideological counter balance to Trump’s America, essential for Soros in a western world that is waking.

That’s why we should remain sceptical over a narrative which does not add up.